Landscape Pros 101

Learn what pros do, and when to hire them.

In the world of landscaping, various pro types exist. At eLandscape, we’ve heard from many homeowners, that it’s tough to understand what each of them really does. Therefore, I decided to describe the various types of Landscape Pros, and explain when to consider hiring them.

Industry Pro Types


You could call us artist and scientist!  We are professionals trained in the art and science of planting, pruning and maintaining individual tress.  Simply we are tree doctors. 

The benefit of an arborist: 

Well cared for trees add value and minimize risk of serious injury from fallen branches.  Proper tree care should be seen as an investment that adds value to your property.  Arborists are trained verified professionals we know trees, shrubs, and hedges and we know how to take care of them.       

When to hire an Arborist…

Pruning or removing trees, the treatment of insects or disease, annual tree maintenance, pruning a hedge, planting etc.  NOTE:  Large Trees can be dangerous work, certified and verified arborist are those who are trained and equipped to work safely in trees. 

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Full Service Design/Build Landscape Contractor

You could call us landscape designers, project managers, gardeners, landscapers, irrigation technicians and more.  Simply put we design, organize, execute and install your complete landscape dream safely and professionally.  We are your one stop shop for your landscape. 

The benefits of a Full Service Landscape Contractor. 

Full service landscape contractors minimize the pains associated with the installation of a landscape.  Most take care of designs, permits, organize trades, assist in the selection of plants, landscape materials (pavers, fence, decks, pools, etc.) and keep projects on time and on budget.  

When to hire a Full Service Landscape Contractor…

We are your one stop shop! If you have a project involving landscaping you should consider hiring a professional, verified landscape contractor.  Time strapped and want the best quality landscape possible – hire a full landscape contractor. 

Interior Landscaper:

AKA Interior plantscaping: We design, maintain and install plants indoors.  From homes, malls, schools, to office towers we make you’re indoors green! Services include watering, pruning, fertilizing, potting, environmentally friendly pest control and even seasonal displays.

The benefits of an Interior Landscaper: 

We know plants and we know the best plants for your interior space.  The key to successful interior landscapes is selecting the right plant for the right place using the right soils, fertilizer and containers.  We are professionals who are verified and trained in taking care of plants indoors.

When to hire an Interior Landscaper…

Anytime you are looking to install or maintain interior landscapes including interior green walls, planters, pots and more. 

Irrigation Specialist:

We help keep your lawns and landscapes healthy by designing and installing systems that water plants efficiently and sustainably. Irrigation specialists are responsible for overseeing the planning, design, installation and maintenance of any irrigation systems.

Benefits of Irrigation Specialist:

A verified Irrigation specialist is a professional trained in the installation and maintenance of water systems.  Irrigation specialist not only help you water your lawns and landscapes they also design irrigation systems that use water efficiently and effectively helping you save time and money.

When to hire an Irrigation Specialist;

From lawns, landscapes, patios, terraces to balconies if you need to water a plant without the work of watering you need to hire an irrigation specialist. 

Landscape Build Contractor:

We build patios, pools, pergolas, canopies, gazebos, fences, ponds and even install trees.Some call us hardscapers; wood, stone, pavers and sometime even plastic are hardscape elements.  Our services include stonework such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and flagstone patios along with wood arbors and decks. 

Benefits of Landscape Construction Professional:

We are verified, insured and experienced.   Your project matters to us as well as the safety and appearance of our staff.  We take everything into consideration and even do our best to keep your neighbours happy too!

When to hire a Landscape Build Contractor…

Anytime you need to build something outdoors that involves slopes, retaining walls, pavers, walkways and decorative features such as arbors and pergolas you contact us! If you have a design or have a project in mind our crews making dull spaces interesting places. 

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Landscape Designer:

Call us the interior designers of the outdoors, we make your outdoor space both functional and beautiful allowing you to maximize your enjoyment and minimize your pain.   Verified, professional landscape designers are both planners and designers, allowing you the homeowner the option to phase in the design over time. 

Benefits of a Landscape Designer: 

We work for you and our goal is your ultimate dream.  Developing a design allows you to use the plan to manage the project yourself or have landscape contractors / construction competitively bid on the project.  Good design solutions can help minimize costs and confusion.  Numerous studies have show a well designed and developed outdoor space can increase the value of your home up to 15-20% = a good investment. 

When to hire a Landscape Designer…

Anytime you want to improve your outdoor space and maximize beauty and function.  If you are building a pool, deck, outdoor kitchen, need walkways and patios a verified landscape designer will tie everything in, keeping you on track and on budget. 

Landscape Architect:

We are accredited professionals who are trained and educated in the field of landscape architecture. Our professional expertise includes; sustainable landscape design, site analysis, site inventory, grading, drainage, storm water management, constructions specs and an expertise in ensuring plans meet all local, provincial and federal building codes. 

Benefits of hiring a Landscape Architect: 

Landscape Architects are trained to look at the landscape as a complete system. We ensure the space is not only visually appealing but fits into the current landscape in a sustainable way. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and enhance the surrounding environment by improving water management and wildlife habitat. Landscape Architects are driven to generate ideas and communicate ideas about your property. We create conceptual designs to allow you to contemplate and develop a focus around your goals. Landscape Architects can also allocate your budget to best suit your landscape needs. We can become your liaison with your installer / landscape contractor. We work for your best interest.  

When to hire a landscape Architect?

You should consider hiring one of us when you are designing a landscape that involves elevations, slopes, drainage concerns, and especially when dealing with conservation authorities or municipal building codes. 

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Large Tree Specialist - Spade:

We move big trees anywhere; from mature maples to evergreens measuring several feet high we have the equipment and knowledge to move a specimen tree into or out of your landscape.  We use a machine attached to one of our trucks or tractors called a tree spade.  A tree spade minimizes stress to a mature tree and maximizes the chance of transplanting success. 

Benefits of Large Tree Specialist: 

Do you have a tree blocking your entrance or do you need several trees along a property line to provide you privacy from your neighbour?  If so we are here to help.  Large tree specialist will help you in the selections process of a large mature specimen and can also help you find a home for your unwanted tree blocking your entrance way. 

When to hire a Large Tree Specialist:

We are experts in moving large trees, if you want a mature tree on your property or you want to move a large evergreen you should hire us.  With minimal impact to your lawn and landscape we can either move in a new mature tree or move one out.  We can even re-locate an existing tree on your property to make space for a pool or to shade a section of your home. 

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Lawn Maintenance pro:

We specialize in the care and health of your lawn.  Services include lawn cutting and trimming, fertilizing, aerating, top dressing, over seeding and even sodding.  We are industry pros in identifying the right recipes and scheduling for the ultimate lawn.  We will even help you monitor your watering. 

Benefits of verified Lawn Maintenance professional:

We make lawns look great without the work.  We do the work for you.  Spring crabgrass treatments, summer grub control, weekly cutting and trimming, seasonal over-seeding and even aerating we keep the green growing on your landscape. 

When to hire a Lawn Maintenance Pro:

Time strapped, lawn looking lost or you may just going on holidays for a month?  If you lawn needs help for the full season, a few weeks or just needs an annual fertilization and you don’t have time we are here to help!!

Full Service Property Maintenance Pro:

We take care of all your property maintenance needs, from watering, weeding, planting, pruning, cutting your lawn to even shoveling your snow we are the professionals who have the people, tools and knowledge to keep your landscape looking great.  We work and you enjoy your outdoors. 

Benefits of a full service property maintenance:

We are verified, trained and insured professional who make a living out of taking care of your property.  If you feel overwhelmed, don’t have time or lack in knowledge we can help make your property look great all season long or we can help you will spring and fall clean ups.  We even rake and remove leaves. 

When to hire a Full Property Maintenance Pro:

Simply hire us if you need help with your property.  We offer full seasonal packages as well as pricing for 1-time events such as cleaning up your garden in spring or raking and removing leaves in fall.  We can take care of your property while you go on vacation or we can keep your landscape, lawn and driveway looking great all year long. 

Landscape Lighting Professionals:

We know how to enjoy your landscape at night.  We are trained in the design and installation of outdoor lighting to enhance your outdoor enjoyment and to improve safety while entertaining or simply walking to the car at night.  Services include lighting design, budget creation, installation, project management and supply of fixtures. 

Benefits of a Landscape Lighting Professional:

We are educated and trained installers and designers of outdoor lighting.  We know how to draw attention to a specimen tree or illuminate a walkway efficiently and effectively.  Our job is to stay within the building code and your budget. 

When to hire a Landscape Lighting Pro…

Lighting is the secret sauce to a wonderful landscape.  Lighting adds drama, creates a mood and provides you the ability to enjoy a landscape beyond daylight hours.  Lighting also provides safety and security.  If you are considering lighting up your landscape you need to hire us!

Sod / Seed / Hydro-seed Professional

We turn barren land into green landscapes.  If you want lawn, we are the people who install it.  From front yards, playgrounds to soccer fields we have the right roll of sod, the perfect grass seed or we can even blow seed, mulch and fertilizer (hydro-seed) at one time for faster more efficient germination. 

Benefits of Sod / Seed / Hydro-seed Professional:

We know how to build a lawn and we do it all for you.  From seed, sod, to hydro-seed; each application has its benefits.  Seed can be less expensive but you need patience, hydro-seed is perfect from slopes and sod is for your immediate satisfaction. 

When to hire Sod Pro…

Hire us when you need to install, patch or repair any lawn.  From difficult backyards to easy access front yards we can turn brown into green. 

Pond and Waterfalls Professionals: 

We make water features wonderful.  We are rock movers, plumbers, electricians, and liner patchers.  From koi ponds, to bumbling brooks, pondless waterfalls to even rain garden river beds.  We keep landscapes cool by adding the sound of water and the fun of even feeding fish. 

Benefits of a Pond / Waterfall Professional:

Adding a water feature to a landscape should be taken seriously.  Municipal by-laws insuring public safety, drainage and even insuring you don’t install a mosquito breeding ground.  We know the rules, we have the tools and we have the knowledge to make water run easily and safety in your landscape. 

When to hire a Pond / Waterfalls Pro…

Before even considering building any water feature you should contact us.  We are professional who know if a water feature will suit your landscape and your time.  Without a properly designed and installed water feature you could be creating more work and less enjoyment and for some a safety hazard. 

Rain Garden Professional:

We design and build gardens to control the flow of Mother Nature’s fury i.e. rain! Our landscapes take rainwater and divert it into gardens, riverbeds and even walkways allowing for more absorption and less run-off.  Our goal is to eliminate flooding while providing landscapes that look great and are low maintenance. 

Benefits of Rain Garden Professional:

Our number 1 goal is your satisfaction while helping the environment.  We are professional designers and installers trained in the diversion of water away from storm water management systems and relocating into our landscapes where the water can be controlled absorbed and used by the plants that need it!

When to hire a Rain Garden Pro…

Does your street continually flood?  Do you have wet areas of your property?  Do you love water and want to insure the world’s greatest resource is managed right?  If so hire us!!  *Note many municipal governments are offering rainwater garden rebates - ask us!!!

Outdoor Kitchen Professional:

We build and design kitchens outdoors! Bbq, bar fridges, pizza ovens, smokers, cabinets, counters and bar stools out of stone you name it if it has to do with eating, drinking and enjoying outdoors we can build it!  Heck we can even supply and install a TV!!

Benefit of Outdoor Kitchen Professional:

We specialize in designing and installing the ultimate outdoor eatery while maximizing functional space and at the same time suiting the look of your landscape.  We are educated on municipal building codes and by-laws. 

When to hire an Outdoor Kitchens Pro…

Anytime you are considering building an outdoor eatery or entertaining area.  We take pride in building the best and making your outdoors have all the modern conveniences of indoors!!

Outdoor A/V & Audio Professional:

We specialize in sound and visuals outdoors.  From surround sound hidden without the rocks of your landscape to the ultimate outdoor movie we make your outdoors pumping! Services include audio, visual, audio hubs, wiring, Wi-Fi and more. 

Benefit of Outdoor A/V & Audio Professional:

Outdoors has 4 seasons, 4 seasons of varying temperature, wildlife and weather.  We are trained in the latest technologies and design strategies insuring your outdoor audio and a/v keeps working all year long and for several years to come.  Image sitting on a lounge by a pool using your smart phone to pick a playlist or watch Netflix it has been done!!

When to hire an Outdoor A/V & Audio Pro…

One of the best times to hire an outdoor audio visual professional is at the design stage of your landscape.  Hiring one early on will insure adequate infrastructure is built into the landscape for your needs and installation can occur when access is most available. 

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Happy Landscaping!
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